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Denmark Experiences

Denmark is rolling out all kinds of entertainment, from heritage treats to architecture treasures, modern art, and delicious traditional cuisine. Here you can find the places that have no crowds and no rush, as well as those that are full of adventurous experiences.

1. Meeting seas, Skagen:

If you’re looking for some truly unique spectacles, go to Skagen, the northernmost tip of Denmark. Here you will find the so-called “mini desert” called Rabjerg Mile, which is the largest migrating dune in the country. Each year the wind moves it 15 meters up. It is predicted to cover the main road to Skagen in 100 years, so hurry, don’t wait for too long!

Yet, Skagen’s best drawcard is its natural wonder – colliding seas. Can you imagine how thrilling is to walk right between 2 meeting seas, the Baltic and North? The waters have different colors, and even though their waves continuously clash into each other, they never merge.

2. The Faroe Islands:

Those in search of stunning rugged landscapes and outdoor activities should take a 2 or 3-day trip to the Faroe Islands, located in the North Atlantic Ocean. You can conveniently reach them by a short flight from Copenhagen (~3 hours flight). This is a paradise for those who enjoy birdwatching, diving, fishing, hiking, bicycling, kayaking, cycling, horse riding – you name it! Once you are there, you might even start questioning whether you are still on planet Earth.

The nature on the Faroe Islands is remarkable. We suggest to sail to Vestmanna bird cliffs and meet thousands of seabirds, and definitely don’t skip Gasadalur village, which is home to the magnificent Mulafossur Waterfall.

3. Nyhavn mini-port, Copenhagen:

When you think of Denmark, what jumps into your mind? Most probably you picture those charming colorful houses, from pink to blue to yellow, and the old wooden fishing boats which are moored by them in petite docks. Did we guess correctly?

What you’re most probably imagining is Nyhavn, Copenhagen’s historic harbor, now a modern hub, and one of the most visited places in entire Denmark. Nyhavn is also home to the prettiest canal in Copenhagen and Amalienborg Palace! No wonder that the whole world’s favorite tale writer Hans Christian Andersen spend the majority of his life living there.

4. Tivoli Gardens, Copenhagen:

If we had to pick the number one place to visit in Copenhagen, we would choose the Tivoli Gardens without hesitation. It is one of the oldest amusement parks on our planet that opened its doors in 1843. It still has an original wooden roller coaster, can you imagine that!

This place now has become a national treasure, and we see why. Well, for starters, it is so charming! The Tivoli Gardens are a real fairytale, with lush gardens, and a magical amusement park. Moreover, it is set in the middle of the city. So it’s no surprise that Walt Disney himself traveled there for some inspiration!

5. LEGO House, Billund, Jutland:

Looking for laid-back vacations? Visit Billund, a quiet rural town in Jutland.

Billund is famous for being the birthplace of Lego, and home for the original Lego factory and Legoland resort. Now it also has an enormous Lego House, with 6 experience zones where you can find inspiration for endless building possibilities.

If the thought that this place is only suitable for kids slipped your mind, you are mistaken. This area is noted by travelers of all ages for the beauty of the destination as well as for good food.

6.Tour the Castles, Copenhagen:

If you love stepping back in time and getting close to the heritage of the country you visit, you will definitely enjoy exploring the renaissance and baroque interiors, beautifully decorated rooms, art collections and picturesque grounds of some of the oldest castles in Denmark.

Christiansborg Palace (which houses the Danish Parliament), Kronborg (Hamlet’s castle), Rosenborg Castle (a royal hermitage), Frederiksborg Castle (which houses the Museum of National History), and Amalienborg Palace (home of the Danish royal family) are just the tip of the castles iceberg of Denmark.

Of course, you’ll only be able to explore them all if you have a lot of time for your Denmark travel, but we recommend to not miss out on at least one or two of these grand five places, especially if your Copenhagen itinerary has 3 or more days.

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