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Things To Do In France

A country of art, culture and refined gastronomy, France is multiplying its assets to fill its visitors. Discover, besides these wonders, landscapes as charming as diversified. Rich in culture marked by a sinuous past, France is the perfect place for lovers of art and history. But the charm of this country does not stop with its rich past, but also with the numerous activities that you will be able to do there, whatever the season…so do not hesitate any more and prepare your stay in the heart of France by renting one of our sublime villas located in the four corners of France. The following list shows the ten activities that must not be missed in the country of taste and finesse.

Discover the churches and picturesque villages

Speaking of architectural buildings, contemplate the remarkable religious sites. Among them, the abbey of Mont Saint-Michel impresses as much by its position as by the story that it tells. Do not miss a stop at the Cathedral of Notre Dame de Paris or Amiens.
After visiting the capital, castles and churches, the French villages, in a quiet and warm atmosphere, also attract visitors. Discover the villages of Colmar, Rocamadour, Pujols, Saint-Emilion or Sainte-Suzanne. Furthemore, find the French charm in Salers, Rochefort-en-Terre and Vezelay.

Historical visits

Of course, you will find in priority Paris. Visiting the City of Light is one of the must-sees, given its iconic landmarks, museums and luxury shops. Visit, among others, the Eiffel Tower, the Louvre and the Avenue des Champs Elysee. Apart from a visit to Paris, France owes its fame to its elegant castles steeped in history.
– When you visit France, do not forget to visit the Château de Versailles. Once home to the Kings of France, it is one of France’s historic monuments and covers 800 hectares. You will discover about 60,000 works, the Ice Gallery, the Hameau de la Reine, as well as the ponds and fountains in the huge park.
– Another, the Château de Chambord is worth a photograph because of its splendour. In the town of Chambord, in the heart of a forest park, learn the history of France that dates nearly 500 years.
– The Château de Villandry lies on the banks of the Loire with its labyrinth, playground and colourful gardens. In the department of Indre et Loire, the architecture and gardens are inspired by the Renaissance with collections of Spanish painters and Arab ceilings.
– The Château de Fontainebleau, a high place in the history of France which was the home of French rulers. Inside there are medieval elements alongside Renaissance and other more classical works. And many others are waiting for you in France!

Hike through nature

In search of the most beautiful panoramas? France will make you dream! Opting for a hike is still the best alternative to enjoy its landscapes. Enjoy wandering in the mountains in Auvergne, Isère, Lozère, the Pyrenees, Normandy and the Jura. With an unusual geography, composed of valleys and mountains, but also bordered by the Mediterranean Sea or the Atlantic Ocean, France has many different landscapes to explore.
Whether in the South, to discover the Provencal Colorado, or a walk along the bay of Mont Saint Michel, everywhere in France you will find extraordinary places to discover. Do not forget to visit places that are charming like the Ile de Ré. Places to be in total harmony with nature, or places to admire incredible constructions. On foot, mountain bike or even on horseback, Villanovo can help you organise the activities of your choice.
– The Pyrenees offer a wide variety of landscapes made of valleys, hills, lakes and peaks on the GR10 course. In the colours of the Basque Country, you will be delighted by the white and red villages.
– In Brittany, the Côte d’Emeraude (GR34) offers a trail on more than 1,800km of Brittany coast in the Morbihan. This is one of the most beautiful hiking trails in France.
– In the Alps, you will have the pleasure of discovering a paradise for walkers during the GR5. A few kilometres from Italy, discover small hidden lakes and the mirror effect created with the peaks reflected there.
– In Paris, you have the opportunity to walk a 50km path through nine outlying districts of Paris, in the heart of green spaces. You will pass by such emblematic places like the Géode, the National Library of France or the Cité Universitaire.
– In Corsica, the GR20 crosses the region from North to South for about 180km. Considered one of the most beautiful courses in Europe, it still requires some physical preparation.
– The Calanques between Marseille and Cassis take you on a journey through crystalline waters, wild coves and incredible panoramas. You will discover essential places like the Calanque of Marseilleveyre and the Wood of the Valkyries.

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